The Top Benefits Of Building A Smart Home: How Smart Technology Can Improve Your Lifestyle


If you’re planning to design and build a custom home, then you’re probably wondering whether you should include smart home technology.

The answer is that you definitely should. But why is this the case?

At Goldcon Construction, we’ve put together this guide to show you some of the amazing benefits of building a custom smart home. We’re going to show you exactly why you should incorporate smart home automation into your new or existing home.


Home Automation Using A Control4 System

Smart home technology is a great addition to any home. However, if you’re using lots of smart home devices then it can become confusing and frustrating trying to keep track of them all.

Control4 Smart Home automation connects with all of your smart home devices and smart home appliances. This allows you to control all of them from the same place.

It makes the process of controlling your smart home much more streamlined and means you’ll get the maximum benefits out of it.

The Top Benefits Of Building A Smart Home: How Smart Technology Can Improve Your Lifestyle 1

Smart Home In-Ceiling Speakers

In-ceiling speakers are an excellent feature for all smart homes. Their amplifiers are built-in so there’s no need for separate amp units. This means that there are fewer wires and less clutter in your home.

When paired with your smart devices, you can use them to create the ultimate surround-sound experience for you and your family.

Smart Lighting With Control4

As well as controlling your smart appliances and devices, you can also use Control4 for your home’s lighting. You can turn the lights on and off from a mobile device when you’re at home. When you’re away from home, you can set them to turn on at random intervals to simulate occupancy.

Control4 allows you to add sensors to your lights so that they turn on when you enter the room. If you forget to turn them off before getting into bed, no problem. Simply switch them off using your phone.

Smart Home Temperature Controls

A smart thermostat is one of the best smart systems as it helps you save energy and money. You can schedule it to turn on before you get home so that there’s a comfortable temperature once you arrive.

Smart thermostats can even learn your habits and adjust the temperature of your home based on your patterns. This reduces wasted energy and helps to reduce energy costs – and we love home automation systems that are energy efficient and can help you save money!

Smart Home Door Locks

For extra security, you can add smart locks to the doors of your custom-built smart home. This is another way in which smart home technology can make your home more secure.

Smart locks enable you to lock and unlock the doors of your smart home remotely. You can also check if you’ve locked the doors when you’re away from your smart home.

Smart Home Door Locks

Smart Home Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are a convenient piece of smart home technology that save you time and make your home more comfortable.

They’re integrated with other smart home devices such as sensors and timers. You can then set them to open and close at your preferred times.

If you like, you can even set them to sit in different positions. Let’s say you enjoy having a view of your backyard in the morning, but you don’t want the sun glaring off your TV. You can set the blinds to cover the top half of your windows, and then fully open later in the day.

Smart Home Security Cameras

Smart home technology allows you to monitor your security cameras via an app when you’re away from home. You can choose to receive alerts when your cameras detect motion so that you can keep your home as secure as possible.

When you’re at home, you can monitor your cameras on the screens of your smart TVs and other smart devices to see what is going on around the house or in empty rooms.

Smart Home Alarm Systems

Integrated alarm systems are another reason that smart homes are much more secure than regular homes. You’ll be notified via an app if your alarms are triggered while you’re away from home.

What’s more, you can set up the lights in your home to flash on and off if your alarms are triggered. This helps to deter intruders and alert your neighbours to any intrusions.

Smart Home Alarm Systems

Smart Voice Control Integration With Control4

Control4 smart home technology uses Josh.AI, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa to give you the power to control your smart home systems with your voice.

Josh.AI learns your dialect, accent, and sentence structure over time so that it understands each command perfectly. You can use voice commands to turn on the lights and lock the doors. Essentially, you can use your voice to control all of your smart devices and systems.

Imagine the ease and satisfaction of turning down the thermostat and turning on the fireplace using your own voice!


Are smart homes greener than regular homes?

One of the benefits of smart homes is that they allow you to take full control over the lighting and heating within your home. This reduces the amount of energy that is wasted when lighting and heating your house which leads to a decreased carbon footprint.

Using your lighting and heating more efficiently also saves you money on your energy bills.

Are smart homes more valuable than regular homes?

Smart home technology does usually add value to a property. Generally, when comparing equivalent regular and smart homes, the smart home will tend to have a higher market value. This means that it’s often easier to sell smart homes than homes without smart technology.

Final Thoughts

There are a huge array of benefits that come with including smart technology in your custom home.

Integrating security cameras and alarm systems with smart technology, like Control4, gives your home extra protection. Using smart home technology to control your lights and thermostat makes your home more efficient and saves you money over time.

Overall, including smart technology in your home is one of the best decisions you can make.

If you’re interested in how smart technology can be integrated into your custom home, then contact Goldcon Construction today!

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