5 Things to Think About Before You Renovate

So you’ve decided you want to renovate—now what? There are a lot of things to think about before you start painting your ceiling red or knocking down a kitchen wall. We chatted with Karim Goldan of Goldcon Construction to get the details on what homeowners should question, consider and decide on before they renovate—read on for his best advice!
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1. What Is My Budget?

First thing’s first: the key to any successful renovation is planning a budget that you’re comfortable with. Goldan suggests estimating on the higher side when budgeting, which prevents panic or disappointment if unexpected costs arise down the road; he recommends a 15 to 20 percent contingency to stay on the safe side. If it turns out your budget allows you to renovate only certain parts of your home, start with isolated rooms, like bathrooms, to prevent the reno from making the rest of your home look outdated.
5 Things to Think About Before You Renovate 2

2. What Are My Expectations?

Have a question for your contractor? Ask it! “Renovation projects always run smoother when the homeowner and contractor have an open line of communication,” says Goldan. Discuss logistics, budget and scheduling throughout the project to limit misunderstanding. Goldan recommends keeping in contact through email, phone or site meetings.
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3. Where Am I Going To Live?

Depending on the size of your renovation, access to some areas of your home may be limited—don’t forget you still need a place to live! Goldan stresses finding flexible accommodations for the duration of the project, especially if the renovation requires you to move out of your house entirely. “Budget for any unforeseen delays,” he says, as rescheduling and postponing is common in the construction industry.
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4. Do I Need A Designer’s Help?

You may have a Pinterest board filled with cool kitchen ideas, but nothing beats the eye of a professional. “Hiring a designer will ensure you see the big picture before starting the renovations,” says Goldan. Besides giving your space harmony and elegance, a designer will also take a lot of the reno stress off you. So sit back, relax—and work on your arts and crafts board.
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5. Am I Pumped?

It’s important that you remember to enjoy the process. With all of the planning, investing and moving around, Goldan knows it’s easy to get caught up in the reno chaos: “You spend months, and sometimes even years, looking through inspirational photos for your dream renovation,” he says. “When it’s finally your turn, you should be excited to make your dream renovation a reality!”
Should you have any questions about getting started with your home building project, please contact the Goldcon Construction team at (778) 558-5051 or by email at info@goldconconstruction.ca.

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